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If you are intending on importing a car or any other vehicle into the UK permanently, then it will need to go through the car/vehicle registration process.

Specialised Shipping Services can manage the car/vehicle registration process for you and ensure all required associated documents are included such as a Certificate of Mutual Recognition (or proof of exemption), Certificate of Conformity, Ministers Approval Certificate, or a Form V267, which is required if the vehicle is new. Our specialist area is of course in legalising vehicles through either the IVA scheme (formerly known as SVA), the European Mutual Recognition scheme, or just through an MOT, whichever is necessary. For European imports we also provide the NOVA (Notification of Vehicle Arrival) submission to ensure that you do not pay late notification penalty charges to H.M.R.C

In view of the complexities of first UK car/vehicle registration we are happy to provide a stand-alone application submission to the DVLA. We are fortunate to have our own dedicated division at Swansea and our applications are always processed quicker than those submitted by individuals. If there are complications, the DVLA contact us by phone rather than return the application by post as they do for applications by the General public.

This service of ‘Check and Send’ will reduce your chances of your registration application being rejected.

We review your completed application to ensure that you have:

  • Filled in the right sections of the application form
  • Enclosed the requisite supporting documents
  • Paid the right fee
  • Submit your application to our dedicated division.

Client Testimonial

Christine (Chris) and Neil or the “SOS Team” as I like to refer to them!

I by chance came across SSS as one of only a few agents who assist in registering imported second hand vehicles to the UK.

I imported a right hand vehicle earlier this year and at that time did not appreciate or was unaware of the difficulty of such an import when it was not linked to a transfer of residency.  Thankfully SSS secured the technical specifications for the vehicle enabling the registration of the vehicle through the Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA) route.

It was Neil and Chris’s knowledge and experience that enabled a successful conclusion. The process required many forms to be completed, the vehicle to be tested all of which I would have not have been able to do. Failing to successfully register the vehicle would have meant having to return the vehicle or putting it into storage!

At the onset Chris provided a quotation for the registration process and always ensured that I was informed of the progress, and of any further work/steps needed and of any additional costs relating thereto - there were no surprises!

A very hands on friendly and professional service that I have no hesitation in recommending.

Thank you Neil and Chris.

Ranjit Pillai


October 2015

We would like to thank Ranjit for taking the time to write about his car import experience from India and for giving us permission to publish it on this website.

Further information on registering your car or vehicle in the UK:

If you would like a quotation on the Vehicle Registration services offered by Specialised Shipping Services, please phone 0118 933 2334 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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