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Jensen FF – A true classic boasting an interesting history, now lovingly restored and back home in the UK

For those classic enthusiasts amongst us we are in the final stages of legalising a 1969 Jensen FF, now back in the UK after being exported to Sweden in 1975.

The Jensen FF was in poor condition upon export and was delivered to a workshop in 1980 for restoration. SEVEN years later the workshop that had disassembled the Jensen FF went into bankruptcy and the classic car was stored away at a workshop in Stockholm until 1991.

The car was then moved for restoration which was eventually completed and converted to a dragster in 1995 where it was entered into one race and won! After the race the owner reversed the changes made during the conversion to return it to the original Jensen FF. In 1996, it was back on the road again, but used very little.

In 2008 the car was sold and was moved to Denmark. In late 2008 the Jensen FF had a further small restoration to change it back to the original model (MK1). It has now been sold to a UK enthusiast who we know and have worked with in the past, so it has now returned to its originating country and it is wonderful to have one of these great classics back on our UK roads.

Many consider the Jensen FF to be the jewel in the crown of Jensens. The four wheel drive FF, or "Ferguson Formula" really is an incredible motor car!

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