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To date, Specialised Shipping Services UK Ltd have legalised and performed over 3,500 IVA (SVA) Conversions, making us the largest UK vehicle legalisation service providers in the UK. It sounds as if we are bragging but the facts are indisputable! We lead the field in technological advances to ensure that we retain the original aesthetics of each new model as they enter the market.

We legalised the VERY FIRST Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat and Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat that only came off the production line in the early part of this year and have, to date, successfully legalised more than 100 of these supercars.

Our expertise is not limited to new vehicles as we have equal knowledge in modifying classic vehicles such as Ferrari GTB and GTS, Pontiac Firebird, Pontiac GTO, Mustang Fastback, Maserati Quattroporte, AC Cobra, GT40, VW Campervan, Bentley, Jaguar XJS, MGB GT, Porsche 914, 924 and 911, Chevrolet El Camino, Austin Healy, Ford Thunderbird, Aston Martin DB9, Auburn, Buick etc.

We were the first company to secure UK registration on one of these very special vehicles and we believe there are still only two in the country. Our technicians decided to submit the vehicle for testing prior to modification to establish the extent of the work required. The results were no less than expected showing that 42 areas had to be dealt with including some extremely difficult demands such as seats and seatbelts, screen demister, handbrake installation, glass replacement. The work took us two months but the client, prior to being recommended to us, had been told by nine other companies that legalisation would never be secured, so a very satisfactory conclusion all round.

Yes we have legalised an original AC Cobra with the Aluminium body. Unfortunately it will not be seen on our roads as its ultimate destination following UK registration was Switzerland. Another example of where it is far easier to legalise in the UK that anywhere else on the European mainland.

Just one of the many Motorhomes we have successfully registered, this latest one in June.


In total we have legalised 7 of these perfect driving machines since the beginning of 2015 and have a 2016 in our workshop at present. Five have been for American car dealerships in the UK and the other two were bound for France and Germany.

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Conversion Portfolio

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