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Importing a car to the UK can seem a daunting prospect as it a complex process that involves a lot of documentation which must comply with Customs VAT and UK Import Duty legislation. You will need to also get the vehicle registered for use on UK roads.

Specialised Shipping imports cars and trucks to the UK from all over the world, and our dedicated and highly experienced team ensure that all the i’s and t’s are dotted and crossed so your vehicle arrives safely into the UK as planned.

Below is a basic outline of the documentation and the import process that is required to be completed in order to ship a car to the UK and get it registered so it can be driven on UK roads. Depending upon which country you are importing from and the age and type of the vehicle you are importing, there may be variations to the documentation required by HMRC, but this gives you a guideline to what is required:


If you would like some advice and guidance in shipping your car to the UK, please call Specialised Shipping on 0118 933 2334 and we will be pleased to help. We have plenty of information on the various aspects of the car shipping process on our website so please click through and take a look at the shipping, registration and vehicle modification services we offer.

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